This blog was made in the back seat of a car on one particular dark moonless night. The maker was not in her right sense and on waking up the next day she knew that a mistake had been committed. She tried to secretly destroy its existence before the news spread but technical issues and her lack of intelligence prevented her from getting away with the mistake she made. 

So the maker decided to live with the mistake. She pampered the blog, she decorated it and every now and then kissed it with her fervent thoughts. She continues to do so. 

The maker is a lawyer by profession, a Foodie since her previous birth and a Virgo for life.  She is a homogeneous mixture of a Soorma Bhopali and a Pakka Malayalee

Anonymous by choice, she delegated the job of revealing her identity to the posts she writes. 

Being a personal blog, Self mockery is what she feeds the blog with. A firm believer of the fact that ‘Humour is the silver lining to all the dark clouds in your life’, she believes in showcasing her insanity as a medal of honour. This does not stop her from getting serious sometimes and talk about mundane things like world affairs or even try out a short story. She is Bipolar like that.

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