Saturday, 9 September 2017


I don’t think I need to give an explanation, but then again, I think this blog deserves to know why I went missing. My posts if you scroll down, would give you a highlight of the kind of person I am and if you were to notice, most of the posts had something to do with marriage and how I was constantly trying to evade it. I am not a huge supporter of the institution of marriage.

I started this blog when I entered a relationship and I kept this blog alive to kind of pen down what my reality is. I wanted this blog to in some way remind me of what my principles are and what I should stay as. I have always been a middle class kind of soul- middle class thoughts, middle class beliefs and middle class expectations. As a teen, I somewhat had a road-map all set in my mind about my life. I will grow up, get into an average college, get average marks, get an average job and marry the first man my parents point me to. But as I wrote the shoddy things that this blog is plastered with, I realized that I crave for better things and to be honest, I wasn’t aware of these things until I wrote it out.

So I entered a relationship at the same time this blog started and I had no notions of taking the relationship or this blog till the very end. Basically, I wasn’t serious with either of those and I kept both of them a secret from almost everyone I knew. I gave up on my relationship quite a lot of times because I knew that the average living was secure and socially acceptable. I also frequently left blogging because I didn’t want to write like someone else and live like someone just the opposite. But I allowed myself the luxury of going with the flow.

So one fine day, over 8 years into the relationship, my mother asked me why I wasn’t keen to marry. It took me two hours to finally tell my parents over the call that it wasn’t any medical condition or lesbianism that kept me from marrying, but was a Christian boy who has been on my mind since a long long time. They didn’t take things well as was honestly expected. I wasn’t a person who believed in eloping nor was I someone who was looking for a quick fix. I wasn’t dying to marry anyway. They gave me a year to revisit my decision, while a few astrologers were visited side by side. The astrologers didn’t like me and my Christian boy. So I broke up and patched again. Then I broke up five more times and patched again. But yes I kept wanting to get back again. The Christian boy just should there knowing I am too stubborn to let go of him. 

I stopped blogging last year at the same time when everyone I knew found out that I was trying to make a decision that wasn’t least bit average. I don’t like my secrets disclosed. I like my privacy and when suddenly everyone started questioning, I did lose my shit mind.  Things weren’t all nice and glossy, but you soon realize that your parents when given some time, start to understand you in ways that you never thought they could. Exactly a year later, my Christian boy was accepted into the family.

We planned our wedding, got married before the registrar of marriages under the Special marriage Act, had a reception in a nice hotel where we exchanged rings and smiled till the cameraman gave up. All this happened on July 5th. Both of us don’t believe in the institution of marriage but both of us do like being together. I don’t exactly remember a past without him. Cliché eh? 

I owe a lot to this blog. It has been a mirror to me. Never have I before given an in-depth analysis of my life in any of my posts, but every time I wrote anything here, it kind of instilled confidence.

I am not much of a writer and like I have always maintained, this is just a blog and I am just a blogger.

P.S- How have you guys been, that is, if you guys are still around. 

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