Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Glory Of Indian Roads

Dear Jade,

 I am doing well and at awe with the glory that is India. Every aspect of this mesmerizing country amazes me be its people, the place, the culture or the living. But what struck me the most were the roads, for India with its roads provides you with an experience that no other country can possibly compete with, not even our homeland New Zealand.
          Indians are born with nerves of steel and a blind sometimes paralyzing faith in the supreme power. The ease with which an Indian nonchalantly crosses the road as a colourful unbalanced truck misses him with a gap of a skin, shows his valour. India has two kinds of jungles, the first being the real one and the other one being the concrete jungle. The country rather brings out a whole new meaning to the term ‘concrete jungle’. A 2km ride through the city behind my personal guide Mr Sharma, gave me a taste of the domestic safari. It is much like the real Safari that you and I took in the forests of Africa, the only difference being the swapping of wild animals with the domestic stray ones. Jade, the Indian’s believe in protecting not only the freedom of its plebeians but also that of its animals. As Mr. Sharma gave me an overview of the city with the drive, I spotted a buffalo sun bathing in the middle of the road while his lower half was being cooled by the muddy water of the pothole it had made its temporary getaway. We drove past a herd of cows who were grazing on the bushes which were grown I guess specially for their benefit on the road dividers. As the donkeys seemed to be pondering on life altering questions in the middle of the road, stray dogs were busy chasing piglets across the National Highway. People drove through whatever place was left, making random twists and jolts to escape the craters that I think were particularly designed to give us all a true safari experience.
          I wonder as to what keeps the Indians away from and winning sports events like the ‘World Dirt Bike Championships’. These men of steel with their nerve jittering escapades on the roads and their mastery on the techniques of survival can give the riders from other countries a run for their money. Jade, to drive in India requires skill which cannot be taught but has to be passed down the generation lane through genes. You are born an Indian rider, you never become one! There is but one rule that you need to know before trying out the Indian roads, and that is ‘Just survive it’. The Indians wince at the thought of using a helmet for not only does it hinder their highly fashionable existence but also seems to be a direct spit on their gallantry. Real soldiers don’t need body armour they say!
           Jade, do you remember the first lesson our parents taught us regarding the streets? The first rule of the streets is that when you cross it you first look right, then left, then again right and only then cross. Here in India such childish rules don’t apply. The mantra is to just believe that no one will hit you dead and have pure faith in mankind! But one thing I learnt is to drive atleast two metres away from the vehicle in front, for you never know when the driver or the passenger would find the need to build up their saliva and spit unannounced on the road, which sometimes the air carries towards your face. A vehicle on Indian roads needs just a few facilities apart from the basic engine. It only needs a steering equipment, a brake, an accelerator, a horn and a suspension to protect your spine. According to me there is absolutely no need for an indicator at all for it is beautifully replaced by striking out your arm a split second before taking a turn. 
          The Indians are so used to living in a populated country that they know how to share the little things they manage to get. This can even be seen on the roads. The number of people on a motorcycle or inside a car exceeds the actual weight of the vehicle itself, but such minor details do not hinder a true Indian. I now know how the Indian soldiers are able to perform the motorbike stunts I witnessed during the Independence Day parade of the country this time. I am also sending you some pictures for your enjoyment and understanding.
         My love, I have to stop my letter here for my time is limited in this truly intriguing country.  But before I quit the pen, I must tell you that we the people of New Zealand don’t know where our taxes have gone, but the Indians know where their taxes have been used. Just one look at the glamorous roads with its designed potholes is enough.

Thinking about you,

The one during Independence Day...

P.S- Yesterday happened to be the most embarrassing day of my life. My maid caught me butt naked as she came upstairs unannounced to clean my room. Also the weighing scale at the gym showed that I lost 2 kg's. My joy knew no bound until my father declared that the weighing scale was declared incorrect. 
P.P.S- I want all my readers to make way for something healthy. Yes! I want you to include green tea in your diet. It tastes bitter but you do shed a few pounds :D

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